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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information

As a result of the outbreak of novel coronavirus, we understand that you may have questions and concerns around forthcoming travel plans. We are monitoring the situation closely and are here to support you as much as possible to find the best solution for your specific travel plans. We have a dedicated team of Luxury Hotel Specialists available by phone, email or live chat, through most hours of the day.

We are continuing to assess reservations on a case-by-case basis in response to the outbreak, assisting with requests to reschedule or change plans. Many of our rates have flexible cancelation policies and we are liaising daily with our hotel and resort partners for additional flexibility. That said, there are exceptions and each reservation and hotel policy will differ, so our Luxury Hotel Specialists will support all affected customers individually.

Here are some general ways we are managing the situation, followed by some frequently asked questions.

  • We are actively monitoring updates from government travel advisories, including from Canada (where we’re headquartered) and the U.S. We’re also using the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Prevention as sources of information.
  • If you’re due to travel to a destination that is identified as or becomes an avoid travel zone, we will work with you closely to rearrange your plans. Customers can contact us and speak directly to a Luxury Hotel Specialist via phone, email or live chat online.
  • Our priority is the wellbeing of our customers and we will continue to support those traveling or with concerns over their travel plans as fully as possible.


I’m traveling with you to a destination that has issued a travel restriction. What shall I do? +

If you are due to travel to a country on which a government travel advisory has been imposed, or does in future impose, a level 3 or 4 travel restriction, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the nature of the advice and the best solution for changing or postponing your trip. Every reservation is different, but our Luxury Hotel Specialists will work with you to find an appropriate solution. 

How do I cancel a reservation? +

To cancel a reservation, you can (1) contact our team of Luxury Hotel Specialists (2) directly manage your booking online using the link in your confirmation email or (3) if your reservation was tied to your Kiwi Collection account, log in and manage your booking from there.  

 When doing this it is important to:  

  • Verify the cancelation policy to ensure that no penalties will apply (see below if so)  
  • Make note of your cancelation number for future reference  

How do I modify a reservation? +

To modify your reservation, you can (1) contact our team of Luxury Hotel Specialists or (2) cancel your booking online and re-book with new rates and availability.  

When doing this it is important to:  

  • Verify the cancelation policy to ensure that no penalties will apply (see below if so)  
  • Check availability, rates and cancelation policies for your new dates  
  • Re-book your new reservation first to secure the booking and then proceed with the cancelation  
  • Make note of your cancelation number for future reference  

I need to cancel or modify a reservation that will incur a charge (i.e. within the cancelation period). What shall I do? +

If a reservation is within a cancelation policy, please contact us directly for assistance. We will do our best to work with the hotel and find an appropriate solution.  

During this time, the hotel may be willing to offer additional flexibility such as having the penalties waived, keeping a credit for a future stay or re-booking for future dates. We are treating each reservation that falls within a cancelation policy or incurs a fee on a case-by-case basis, as this decision will be at the hotel’s discretion.  

Should I cancel and re-book my existing reservation to take advantage of a better cancellation policy? +

If your reservation falls within a hotel's updated cancelation conditions you do not need to cancel and re-book. The reservation will immediately fall under the more generous/lenient cancelation conditions as per updated hotel policies.  

I’m traveling with you to a destination that presently has no travel restriction but have some concerns. Should I cancel? +

The circumstances around COVID-19 are ever-changing, so we recommend monitoring the situation to check that your chosen destination will be safe for travel. Please consider as well that if you are choosing to travel, services and facilities may be limited at the destination due to government restrictions or safety precautions. If you would like to consider postponing or changing your trip as a precaution, our Luxury Hotel Specialists will gladly review your options.  

I’d still like to book a forthcoming trip with you. What do you advise? +

If you decide to book a hotel stay, we strongly suggest that you book one of our rates that has a flexible cancelation policy. Should your plans change, you can then cancel your reservation outside of the cancelation policy to avoid any penalty. If you’d like assistance identifying these rates, and planning for future travels, please contact our Luxury Hotel Specialists. We are here to help.